We offer the “free gift” of salvation.

Not because we own it or have it to give away but because we have experienced it ourselves and know how to point you to it also. Jesus offers all of us the “free gift” of His salvation. Its more than just believing, it is receiving. Believing in Jesus is the first step but He also calls each of us to repent of our sins. This means to acknowledge before God that we are sinners, have sinned, and need His forgiveness in order to obtain His salvation. This is all God’s doing and not our own! This is all a “free gift” from Him when we repent and turn from our sin.

God has shone His undeserved favor (grace) upon each of us and we are able to receive His “free gift” of salvation through believing and receiving (faith). God sent His only Son Jesus to come and live a perfect life here on earth, experiencing all the temptation that you and I fall prey to daily, but He overcame. This perfect, sinless man, who was just as much God as He was man, was put to death on a cross 2000 years ago. Though He was murdered by mankind, His death was a sacrifice to God for the sins of all humanity who would believe in Jesus and turn from their sin through repentance. It took the sacrifice of an innocent man to turn the wrath of a holy God from being poured out on a sin filled world and was the only acceptable sacrifice to God. This is why we repent of sin, receive God’s “free gift” of salvation, and worship Jesus, the only one who has and who could do this for us.